Satya Nadella: Cortana Jokes is a Favorite Workday Time Waster

Satya Nadella: Cortana Jokes is a Favorite Workday Time Waster

What a hoot.

I’ve sat under keynotes from Microsoft’s current CEO several times this year, but it’s always been a buttoned-up, buttoned-down, well-rehearsed message delivery. During IT/Dev Connections 2015 this year, Nadella came up during a dinner conversation with a Microsoft person. According to that discussion Satya is friendly, casual, and approachable, but as soon as its show time, he becomes very serious and focused.

Unfortunately, I’ve only personally seen the serious side. So, it’s awesome to get a glimpse into the other side of Microsoft’s CEO when possible.

A new video put together by the Wall Street Journal, helps apply a deeper dimension to the man that runs Microsoft. Delivering quick-fire questions, Nadella participates in the fun and even becomes a bit emotional when talking about his greatest life influence.

And, of course, he’s a man after my own heart – he suits up for a run first thing every morning.

Have a watch…

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