Samsung Gear S2 Classic 3G Smartwatch Brings Us Closer to Dick Tracy Reality

Samsung Gear S2 Classic 3G Smartwatch Brings Us Closer to Dick Tracy Reality

I grew up reading Dick Tracy comics in the Sunday newspaper and living though the era when a horrid movie version starring Warren Beatty and Madonna was released. The comics were awesome and both fed and nurtured my Sci-Fi hunger. Despite being set in an early Chicago-type gangster era, Dick Tracy used a futuristic wristwatch that allowed him to communicate with police headquarters. I thought that was amazing and was something that I'd surely see in my lifetime.

I have a smartwatch sitting here on my desk that I’ve yet to put review to paper that has a slide out drawer for a cellular SIM card. I’m still waiting for a couple data points before finishing up my thoughts, but just the ability to untether from my smartphone and use just my wrist for communication excites me. For this particular smartwatch, you just transfer your SIM card back and forth between the smartwatch and your smartphone.

Today Samsung has announced that its taking the untethering technology even further using eSIM technology. eSIM is embedded SIM capability, i.e., taking the SIM card out of the equation. Coming in the upcoming Samsung Gear S2 Classic, this technology will allow owners to leave their smartphones at home during fitness activities or quick jaunts around town. The eSIM serves to keep owners connected constantly.

Samsung launched the Gear S2 Classic 3G smartwatch in Italy to bolster its partnership with mobile and credit card payment security company, TIM and Gemalto. The Gear S2 Classic 3G offers many of the same features as any smartwatch including fitness tracking, text message handling, notifications and phone calls, but because of the eSIM technology can do it without a smartphone.

My Sci-Fi dreams are coming true.

The Gear S2 Classic 3G is available now in Italy for $399.90. No word yet when it might be available in additional markets.

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