Review: VicTsing Gadget Charger and Auto Battery Jump Starter

Those that have followed along with my hardware reviews over the past couple years know that I’m a sucker for gadgets that combine functions into a single piece of hardware. It seems there’s actually very little left to invent in the gadget world, so combining functions is where today’s true value lies. So, this latest gadget I have been testing is a welcome addition. VicTsing has produced a viable travel accessory that has the chance to become a standard fixture in automobiles for safety.

As you’ll see in the slideshow, the VicTsing Gadget Charger and Auto Battery Jump Starter combines USB charging ports, ports for powering laptops and other similar devices that need real electrical power, a flashlight that provides a solid beam and flashing emergency signals, and believe it or not – an actual car jump starter.

As for function, this gadget does what it professes from a power perspective, supplying enough juice to charge USB devices and power laptops and tablets. Truth told, though, I wasn’t brave enough to allow my car battery to die to test the jump starter function. If it ever comes to that, though, I hope the VicTsing won’t let me down.

Take a look through the photos and commentary in the slideshow to get a better idea of the capabilities.

This gadget is available from for $79.99: VicTsing Auto Car Battery Jump Starter (500A Peak 13600mAh) w/ Built-in Flashlight, Dual USB Charging Port and Safety Protection for Truck, Van, and SUV

The only thing missing from this device is an air compressor. InteliCharge makes its X1 device that includes all that the VicTsing model does, but also include an air compressor. And, the InteliCharge is only $49.99, also on InteliCharge X1 13600mAh Portable Power Bank and Tire Compressor Bundle with Jumper Cable, Smart Phone Car Charger and Case

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