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Review: PDP Talon Media Remote for Xbox One

I’ve owned the Microsoft licensed remote control since buying my Xbox One. Even though I’m one of those people that bought the Xbox One with the Kinect, I still had to have the remote control. The original remote control is pretty neat in that it “comes on” when you move it, i.e., it’s motion activated.

It’s also a pretty simple remote and I liked that – at least I thought I did until I started testing the Talon Media Remote from PDP. The Talon Media Remote is more like a regular remote control and offers all the extras you’d expect. It also works as a motion activated device, so you don’t have to give up the cool factor of the original. Due to the additional features over the original Xbox One remote, the Talon Media Remote is also larger – but that also means it’s harder to lose. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to tear apart the couch and neighboring chairs trying to find the original remote. And, while that’s still sure to happen with the Talon, it’s at least easier to locate.

Plus, it’s a few dollars cheaper than the one Microsoft offers.

Here’s what you can expect:

·         Easily control your Xbox One system with officially licensed media remote

·         Works with Blu-ray and streaming media applications

·         Motion activated backlit buttons

·         Soft rubberized texture with D-pad and A,B,X,Y button control

·         2 AAA batteries included

The Talon Media Remote is available from Amazon for $15: PDP Talon Media Remote for Xbox One

For those that don’t yet have a remote control for the Xbox One, this is a great addition. And, for those who have kids like mine that lose the remote constantly – for this price – it’s a good solution for having an extra on hand.

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