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Review: NFL Official Faceoff Xbox Gaming Controller from PDP

Performance Designed Products (PDP) has developed an NFL officially licensed Xbox One/Windows PC controller. Myself and my two gamer boys have been testing this controller for the past week and I have to say that the device is quality built and durable. I’m not sure what the life rating is for this controller, but it may actually feel more solidly built than the original controller that came packaged with the Xbox One. My youngest son tested the controller with our Xbox One and my oldest on his PC.

But, beyond the quality of the device (which includes really responsive analog sticks) this controller is also unique for a couple reasons.

First off, is the most obvious aspect – you can swap faceplates. I’m not a football fan (I prefer basketball and soccer), but I live near Cincinnati. The Bengals faceplate is on backorder, so I was sent a Miami Dolphins faceplate to test with in the interim. As shown in the photos above, the faceplate is easy to snap off and you can instantly snap on another. I actually like the football faceplate that comes with it. The texture is like a real football which makes the grip seem more solid. In each box is a redemption code for a free team faceplate. You just visit a link, enter the code, and it will show up at your doorstep.

The other unique piece for this controller is the audio controls built directly into the controller. There’s an audio control button embedded directly into the controller to allow a hassle-free way to adjust game and chat audio levels while playing.

The controller also supports vibration feedback, impulse triggers, and sports a 3.5mm headset jack.

The controller is available for $59.99: NFL Official Faceoff Controller from PDP

For the football fan, this will make an awesome holiday gift purchase.

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