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Review: IdeaUSA 20W Stereo Wireless Portable Speaker with Mic

Desktop-based Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days. You can find them in the local Walgreens or CVS sitting among the piles of cheap earbuds and pay-as-you-go cell phones. Quality is the big issue, though.

I’ve run through my share of this type of speaker over the years, with one of my favorites being manufactured by Braven. I carry this one with me when I’m on the road for longer than normal trips so I can stream music throughout my hotel room. I’ve also tested and reviewed quite a few others over the past couple years. Some have ended up in the hands of family members who love them, while others have filled up a gadget junk drawer.

I recently tested the IdeaUSA 20W Stereo Wireless Portable Speaker. But, while the name suggests its portable – and theoretically it is – it’s a heavier than expected device. But, its heft also provides a feeling of being more solid and better quality built. So, you may not want to lug this through an airport in your carry-on bag, but it works just fine in a checked-in luggage, provided you’re not an over-packer.

The ability to connect over Bluetooth is easy with this speaker, and the sound is pretty awesome.

Here’s some specs:

·       20W Bluetooth Speaker, dynamic 2.1 channel sound delivered by 2x 5W drivers, 1x 10W subwoofer and 2x passive radiators

·       Onboard equalizer with 2 modes: fill a room with crystal clear clarity and minimum distortion - press EQ mode and pump up the bass and audio output for outdoors

·       Skip, volume, play/pause, EQ, mute, wireless and AUX buttons

·       Up to 10-hour playback and 300 hours standby time

·       CVC 6.0 speakerphone technology for suppressing ambient noise on hands-free calls

·       3.5mm line-in AUX port

Want a solid speaker that’s quality built with the usual features, but don’t want to shell out over a $100, then you’ll want to take a look at this one.

Get it here for around $90: IdeaUSA 20W Stereo Wireless Portable Speaker with Mic

BTW: This one is leaving with me to Las Vegas next week, instead of ending up in the hands of family. I’m using it as a giveaway at IT/Dev Connections 2016 next week.

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