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Review: CHUWI HI10 PLUS Tablet PC

I recently reviewed the CHUWI Hi10 Pro 2 in 1 Ultrabook Tablet PC and was pretty surprised by the results. I had at least one person suggest that the CHUWI tablet failed shortly after arrival, but I have to now believe that person just had bad luck. That tablet is still in use to this day and pretty regularly. And, it was that reviewed hardware that led me want to check out the CHUWI hardware line further.

I've been testing the latest CHUWI tablet, the HI10 Plus - this time with the accompanying keyboard so I can put the tablet through its Surface-like paces. The tablet has held up pretty well, in fact, its a pretty significant piece of hardware. Its powerful, battery kind, and as did the Ultrabook version, offers the ability to switch between Windows 10 and Android (using Remix OS 2.0). So, essentially, you get all the business goodness of Windows 10 and can then transition into Android where the tablet apps are plentiful and full-featured. It makes for a pretty nifty hybrid without having to compromise between work, play, and a wealth of app options.


  • Remix OS 2.0
  • Microsoft Windows 10 OS
  • Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 64bit Quad Core 1.44GHz, up to 1.84GHz
  • 10.8 inch IPS Touch Screen with 1920 x 1280 Resolution
  • 4GB DDR3L RAM for Advanced Multitasking
  • 64GB eMMC ROM Storage Capacity
  • TF Card Expansion
  • HDMI Output Expands Your Viewing Options
  • Dual Cameras for Photos and Face-to-face Chat

Check out the tablet here: CHUWI HI10 PLUS Tablet PC ($200)

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