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Review: Afterglow AG 9+ Prismatic True Wireless Headset for Xbox One

I recently reviewed the Afterglow LVL 5+ Headset for Xbox One from PDP. The LVL 5+ is a great, mid-range headset and an awesome gift for the holidays. However, after testing the LVL 5+, I was invited to also test the Afterglow AG 9+ and I have to admit that the contrast was stark. What the LVL 5+ does for the mid-range, the AG 9+ does for the upper crust.

The AG 9+ headset has amazing sound through both Pure Audio and Bass Boost modes, a high quality microphone, and provides an extra "cool factor" because the ear cups can change colors based on your preference. They use Prismatic LED to turn any normal gamer into a futuristic-looking console operator. And, even more than that, this headset is wireless - meaning that it provides true wireless chat for up to 40 ft. and for up to 16 hours of battery. The LVL 5+ is wired, while the AG 9+ is completely wireless, freeing the gamer even more. Additionally, while I thought the LVL 5+ was a comfortable headset, the luxurious pads on the ear cups of the AG 9+ are extraordinary.

And, like the LVL 5+, the AG 9+ is officially licensed for the Xbox One.


  • Officially licensed by Microsoft for the Xbox One
  • Speak Freely with true wireless chat (no cord to the controller)
  • Customizable Prismatic LED lighting on ear cups
  • Flexible and removable boom microphone with noise and echo canceling technology
  • Powerful 50mm drivers with two distinct audio modes: Pure Audio and Bass Boost

Amazon has the Afterglow AG 9+ for $100: PDP Afterglow AG 9+ Prismatic True Wireless Headset for Xbox One

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