RedBrowser Trojan Targets J2ME-based Phones

The first malware was discovered that intentionally targets mobile phones that use Java 2 Mobile Edition (J2ME). Dubbed "RedBrowser," the Trojan tries to send text messages to a high-cost toll number in Russia. According to Kaspersky Lab, when messages are sent the phone owner is charged between $5 and $6 for accessing the toll number.

RedBrowser doesn't spread itself - instead the scam relies on social engineering. The Trojan entices people to download the Trojan with the claim that it's a tool that let's people visit Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) sites without using a WAP connection

Mobile phone malware also exists that targets phones that use Symbian, Pocket PC, and Palm operating systems. Modern mobile phones are very similar to personal computers and as such the same precautions should be taken when using them, particularly when it comes to loading unknown software.

Barriers between personal computers, mobile phones, and various handheld devices are breaking down and malware is beginning to find its way across those barrier. For more about this trend read about how viruses can now jump from PCs to mobile devices.

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