Quick Tip: How To Connect Your Xbox One to the Hotel or Resort Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi connections at hotels and resorts is now almost an expected service as we travel for various reasons.

If you are headed out for a family vacation by car and want to have a rainy day option for the kids, or yourselves, once you reach your destination then taking along the Xbox One is a viable option.

While the console and many games can be used in an offline mode, it is also necessary at times to have a connection to the Internet. If the Wi-Fi connection does not require any kind of username or password then getting online is fast and easy.

However, the wrench gets thrown into the works when you need to use some type of credentials to log in to the network connection and of course the Xbox One console will simply fail to get a valid IP on that network because of the lack of any log-in credentials being provided.

So how do you get around this process?

Well, many resorts and hotels track your logged in device by its MAC (Media Access Control) Address. This is a unique 12 digit sequence (6 pairs) of numbers and letters that identifies a particular piece of networking hardware like an Ethernet or wireless card in your device.

Once you have validated a particular device through the hotel/resorts webpage for access the need for logging that info is no longer necessary although, depending on the length of your stay, might be required a subsequent time.

Whether you have to validate that device just once or multiple times, this tip will work for you to get your Xbox One online in these types of environments.

This gallery will show you how that process works by using a secondary device to log in and validate your credentials and then borrowing that devices MAC Address for your Xbox One to use and connect to the network.

Note: This works best if you have a device, such as a smart phone, that will not need a wireless connection during your stay at the hotel/resort so there is no hardware device ID conflicts as both attempt to connect at the same time. However, you could use the secondary device when the Xbox One is not connected without any issue because the local network simply sees that MAC Address as validation for access and not the type of device.

If you have any questions about this process just ask in the comments and I can help to clarify any confusion or issues you might be facing.


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