Q. I'm trying to connect my laptop to my home theater using an HDMI port. Only video is being sent through the HDMI port. How do I get audio too?

A. If your computer has an HDMI output, an additional sound device should've been installed when the drivers were installed. This device represents sending the audio to the HDMI port, but it could be called several different things. On my laptop, it's called Digital Audio (S/PDIF).

HDMI audio out

 It might also be called HDMI Output. Laptops will probably only have one digital audio output, but you might have to try several different outputs (especially on desktops).

HDMI audio out

Open the Sound Control Panel applet. In Playback, select the output device and set it as your default device. The audio for your computer should also now be sent to the HDMI port.

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