Product Review: Choetech Qi Wireless Chargers for Lumia 950 and 950 XL


The Lumia 950 and 950 XL both support the Qi Wireless charging standard and so I have been researching new wireless chargers lately.  Although both of these phones support fast charging through the USB-C connector but wireless charging is not as efficient. That does not mean wireless charging is not useful because it is convenient to just stand up or lay down your phone on the wireless charger to charge up.

It is believed that you typically see about a 20% decrease in efficiency using wireless charging however, the plus is that fast charging is always available for when you need a quick hit of juice on your device.

Two of the products I have been using over the last couple of weeks is the Choetech CHOE Iron Stand QI Wireless Charging Pad and the CHOE Circle Qi Wireless Charging Pad.

While there is not a lot of opportunity to differentiate when it comes to chargers like this, these two devices are well made, feel and look solid, have nice finishes and sit securely on my desktop shelf and my bedside stand when in use.

The Iron Stand has a series of blue LEDs that glow on the right side of the device when it is actively charging a handset and the Circle Pad glows blue as well however, it has a light sensor that turns off the glow when the lights go out. That makes it perfect for a nightstand in your bedroom.

Both chargers have non-slip rubber in all of the right places to securely hold your phone in place and to keep the charging plate in its spot.  The Iron Stand has three wireless charging coils (charges at 2 amps) compared to the single coil on the Circle Pad (1 amp of charging juice). Both chargers include Micro-USB cables but only the Iron Stand includes a wall power adapter.

I can easily recommend either one of them and of course your choice would depend on your specific needs. Personally, I love the stand on my desktop instead of just having the device around on my messy desk.

Right now the CHOE Circle Qi Wireless Charging Pad is selling at Amazon for just $17.99 on sale and the CHOE Iron Stand QI Wireless Charging Pad is priced at $50.00 normally but is also on sale at $35.99.

However, Choetech is offering us a special discount code for SuperSite readers that will save you an additional $7 on the CHOE Iron Stand charger to bring that price down to $28.99.

If you want to use this code just go to Amazon and add the CHOE Iron Stand QI Wireless Charging Pad to your cart. During check out use the code PYNVNA6E to get the $7 discount on the purchase.

The discount code expires once week from today so make sure you take advantage of it before 05 February 2016.



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