PayPal Here Live in the Windows Phone Store

PayPal Here Live in the Windows Phone Store

Just last month PayPal Here launched for Windows 8.1, allowing merchants to utilize tablets like the Surface Pro 3 to accept customer transactions.

Today, PayPal and Microsoft are announcing that the app is available for Windows Phone. If you travel often, you're probably already familiar with cabbies who swipe your credit card for taxi fares, using a card reader and a smartphone. It's convenient and quick and when the transaction is complete, your receipt shows up in your email box so you can immediately submit for expense reimbursement. When the mobile payment craze started, iPhones were the flavor of the day, but over the past couple years I've seen a definite switch, with cab drivers using Android devices instead.

With all the recent news of apps disappearing from the Windows Phone platform, it's good to see something as popular as PayPal stick around.

The app is available from the Windows Phone store: PayPal Here

The app is only available for U.S. customers currently and the service does charge a 2.7% fee per card swipe.

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