Paul Thurrott's Windows Phone 8 – Now in MOBI and EPUB Formats

Paul Thurrott's Windows Phone 8 – Now in MOBI and EPUB Formats

This should make the book much easier to read on popular eBook readers

While I still need to update this book for Nokia's HERE navigation apps, I thought I would first provide versions that look and read better on popular eBook devices. So here are experimental first versions of Paul Thurrott's Windows Phone 8 that should provide a better reading experience on Kindle and similar devices.

Please don't be confused by what these releases are and how they work. In the future, I will publish Paul Thurrott's Windows Phone 8 to Kindle, NOOK and whatever other eBook platforms that make sense, and those versions of the book will be fully functional. These MOBI and EPUB versions simply offer better formatting for eBook readers, with the expected text flowing and so on. (PDF, by comparison, renders in a fixed format on eBook readers and is borderline useless on those devices, especially the smaller ones like Kindle Paperwhite.)

The in-book links don't work in these MOBI and EPUB versions, at least not at the moment, though I'd like to figure that out. So when you see text like, "To find out more about this feature, please refer to this other section," that italicized text no longer links to the correct place. (It does in the PDF version.) My expectation is that this will work as expected in the native Kindle and NOOK versions down the road. But the links in the table of contents do work. It's not horrible.

Unfortunately, the full screen portrait screenshots (i.e. most of them) take up too much space. I will look at making them smaller or more aggressively cropping them in the future.

Looking forward to Windows 8.1 Book, Rafael and I are talking about how to best serve the needs of readers for that paid book and this could/should include regular MOBI and EPUB book versions as well. More on that soon. And I will still update Paul Thurrott's Windows Phone 8 for the Nokia HERE apps, though that is obviously taking longer than I had hoped. Certainly this fall.

More soon. And please do let me know if these files work for you. I've tested the MOBI version on a Kindle Paperwhite but that's about it. I'm very curious to know how these work on other devices.


Download Paul Thurrott's Windows Phone 8 1.04 (655 pages)

SkyDrive: PDF (32.11 MB) | MOBI (53.03 MB) | EPUB (85.65 MB)

Dropbox: PDF (32.11 MB) | MOBI (53.03 MB) | EPUB (85.65 MB)

Google Drive: PDF (32.11 MB) | MOBI (53.03 MB) | EPUB (85.65 MB)

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