NEWS: Tweens Add Portable Media Players to Wish Lists

If it's true, as TIME Magazine Online says, that the tween market—kids ages 9 to 12—is a $17 billion-a-year industry, you can bet that the consumer electronics industry won't take this target market for granted. In fact, analysts have already proclaimed that portable media players will be hot sellers this holiday season. Tweens, according to a Reuters report, will be lining up for products like Hasbro's VideoNow, which costs $75, and Mattel's Juice Box, which is set to debut in the fall and cost about $70. Like the tweens these products appeal to, the portable media players combine adult- and child-like features—the players come in pink, purple, and orange and play music videos, video games, and full-length movies. These portable media players are arriving in the nick of time, right? Just what American pre-adolescents need, more media saturation and more time spent doing sedentary, passive activity

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