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New Nokia Lumia Ad Takes on Apple Lemmings, Lack of iPhone Colors

A new Nokia ad follows in the footsteps of Samsung, which famously and hilariously mocks the lemmings who stand in line to buy a product—in this case the iPhone 5—that is just an evolutionary update from the one they already own.

Nokia’s rendition of these theme might charitably be described as bizarre. But it hits on a competitive advantage its Lumia devices have over the iPhone: They’re available in many colors. And while the tech-savvy folks reading this may roll their eyes over such a distinction, this is most certainly a selling point for the general public. 

(Unfortunately for Nokia, being an iPhone is also, as it turns out, a huge selling point.)

Anyway, while I don’t feel this ad is as effective as the Samsung stuff, it’s nice to see Nokia doing something and, more important, going right at one of its biggest competitors.

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