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New & Improved - 25 Jan 2005

Product Spotlight

SonaSafe Point-Click Recovery Suite, 408-927-6200

SonaSoft's SonaSafe Point-Click Recovery Suite is a new data protection management console for Microsoft servers that can simplify the backup and recovery of Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Windows servers. The solution is centralized management-based software that provides automated disk-to-disk backup and recovery through an easy GUI. You can manage multiple target servers through one console and apply single-click recovery commands. SonaSafe can automatically determine which files to restore and can perform recovery operations from the backup data stored to internal hard disks. You no longer have to search for backup tapes to determine the correct restore path.

Vas Srinivasan, SonaSoft vice president of marketing says, "Just recovering a database, an email message, or a file that was accidentally deleted by a user takes only minutes. SonaSafe Point-Click Recovery Suite offers a total solution for anything to do with Microsoft databases, email messages, files, etc."

SonaSafe Point-Click Recovery Suite lets you create an automated backup and recovery plan; centralize server management and administration; reduce tape backup media costs; recover individual databases, email messages, or files with one click; protect data without impacting your network infrastructure; manage backup and recovery remotely on multiple servers; and reduce storage costs through compression capability. Contact SonaSoft for pricing and availability.


Share Files Between Multiple Client Platforms, 858-726-1800, [email protected]

InoStor released its next-generation InteliNAS M Series network storage appliances for Windows Storage Server. The scalable appliances feature Serial ATA (SATA) drive technology in 1U (1.75") and 2U (3.5") form factors with storage capacities that range from 480GB to 4.8TB. The InteliNAS M Series appliances operate with Windows, UNIX, Macintosh, Linux, and Novell clients. Both the 1U and 2U appliances support RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 1+0. Pricing starts at $3099 for the 1U appliance and $7399 for the 2U appliance.


Track and Manage Mobile Devices, 801-226-8500, 888-252-5551

Altiris released the Altiris Handheld Management Suite, software to help you track, secure, and manage mobile devices. The suite includes products for software delivery, device discovery, asset tracking, and on-device data security. The suite supports Pocket PC, Palm, and Research In Motion's (RIM's) BlackBerry devices. The software features comprehensive hardware and software inventory capability with Web-based reporting, policybased software management, enforcement of strong password authentication, encryption of sensitive data, the ability to lock down lost or stolen devices, and bandwidth-sensitive device management for roaming workers. Handheld Management Suite lets you use one platform to manage both enterprise desktops and heterogeneous handheld devices. For pricing, contact Altiris.


Manage IT Assets, 770-205-4456, 888-665-0808

NetSupport released NetSupport-Dynamic Network Administration (DNA) 2.0, software that small and midsized companies can use to inventory hardware and software, monitor application usage, budget for upgrades, and track Internet usage. Enhancements include a software-distribution warehouse feature to reduce network congestion, a new application-packager utility, the ability to track hardware and software history, an inventory feature for remote users, and the option to manually input hardware items such as peripherals. Other features include an expanded filesearch capability and an import-and-export function in the database maintenance tool. IT managers can also use the software to learn how many computers on their network have Windows 98 loaded, many users go to certain URLs and for how long, and who uses which applications more than once a week. Pricing starts at $26.88 per license. NetSupport DNA 2.0 supports Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/Me/98.


Monitor Bandwidth Usage, [email protected]

Paessler released PRTG Traffic Grapher 4.0, software that monitors network and bandwidth usage and other network parameters such as memory and CPU utilization. The software provides you with realtime readings and periodical usage trends as well as the layout and setup of leased lines, routers, firewalls, servers, and other SNMP-enabled network components. You can predict when resources will become overloaded or determine when resources are underutilized so that you can decide to upgrade or downsize various elements of the system. PRTG Traffic Grapher is available in a freeware edition (limited to monitoring only one network device) and several commercial editions, which feature monitoring for multiple network devices and advanced features how larger businesses. The software runs as a service on Windows 2003/XP/2000 and works with most network devices that support SNMP. Pricing starts at $49.95 for the professional version and $199.95 for the enterprise version.


Extend Group Policy to Non-Windows Systems, 801-655-2500, [email protected]

Vintela released Vintela Authentication Services (VAS) 2.6, identity-management and -authentication software that uses Active Directory (AD) in Windows to provide integrated identity management, centralized logon, and single sign-on (SSO) for all Windows, UNIX, and Linux systems. New features include additional platform support (AIX 64-bit support for AIX 5.1 and AIX 5.2, Solaris 9 on x86, and Solaris 2.6 on SPARC); a VAS software development kit (SDK), which provides UNIX APIs so that you can integrate with AD through Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Kerberos, and Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API); and a Group Policy foundation including the technology required to apply Group Policy settings to UNIX and Linux systems through Vintela Group Policy (VGP). Other new features include account-override capability, cross-forest authentication, customizable group and user search bases, enhancements to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, multiple login suffix support, logon performance enhancements, and automatic host key update. Pricing for VAS is $200 per VAS-enabled UNIX/Linux server and starts at $25 per VAS user account when purchasing a 10-user account pack.


Enforce Password Policies, 949-754-8000

Quest Software released Quest Password Reset Manager 3.0, software that provides password policy-management capabilities to support stronger password enforcement across Active Directory (AD) and Windows NT 4.0 domains. The software can forbid particular password combinations, such as those that are part of the user's name. Password Reset Manager can also check proposed passwords against a dictionary of forbidden words and phrases. When a user attempts to apply a noncomplying password, the user is given a detailed description of which rules were not met and guidance about how to create an acceptable password. The user is also given the option to generate a random password that will automatically comply with all applicable policies. Pricing starts at $7 per user account.

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