Move to Windows Phone with Free HTC and Nokia Phones from Verizon

Move to Windows Phone with Free HTC and Nokia Phones from Verizon

If you have been sitting on the precipice of dumping that aging and less innovative iPhone technology or have been scared to turn on your Android phone after all the privacy and security reports lately, Verizon is making it easy for you to try something different.

With a new 2 year activation, Verizon has the Nokia Lumia 928 and the HTC Windows Phone 8x available for free. Both are great phones and Microsoft's Windows Phone OS truly is better than either iOS or Android. I've used all three mobile OS's over the past few years and really don't consider myself a fanboy for any. If iOS or Android happens to produce something spectacular and secure in the next year or so, I'll be the first to give them a shot, and also the first to shoot them down if the hype is greater than the function.

Of course, there are those diehard folks who rave about their phone without truly being open-minded, but most of that is really to justify their choice. After all, it hurts to be wrong. <jk> But, seriously, who hasn't walked by someone with a phablet stuck to their head and not had a laugh at their expense?

I currently use the HTC 8x and swear by it. It’s a great phone. The Lumia 928 has received some good reviews, but the only time I've been swayed in the least to swap out my HTC 8x, is with the recent Lumia 1020 release. I've been jealously watching a couple friends post pictures from their new Lumia 1020 on Facebook over the past week, and am starting to get the new gadget itch.

Here's where you can locate Verizon's free offerings…

Verizon's free Nokia: Nokia Lumia 928

Verizon's free HTC: Windows Phone 8x by HTC


Paul Thurrott always does a great job providing reviews for the most current Windows Phone hardware. Here's a review from Paul for each phone:

What I Use: HTC Windows Phone 8X

Nokia Lumia 928 Review


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