Microsoft Wraps Up #BatteryGate with Firmware and a FAQ

Microsoft Wraps Up #BatteryGate with Firmware and a FAQ

For those just tuning in, some Surface Pro 3 customers have been experiencing loss of battery storage – or at least they thought so. Over time the capacity of the Surface Pro 3 battery would slowly diminish. This concerned quite a few customers, worried that their Surface Pro 3’s would stop working just outside the warranty period. Some even blew blustery boasts, threatening class action lawsuits against Microsoft due to the failing batteries.

Microsoft has now come clean about the whole matter. Today it is making a new firmware update available for those with affected Surface Pro 3’s and also offering a FAQ page to hopefully calm the masses down with an explanation.

The FAQ, Surface Pro 3 Battery FAQ for the 8/29/2016 System Firmware Update, answers questions like:

·         How to get the update.

·         How to get reimbursed if you paid for an out-of-warranty exchange for this issue.

·         How to confirm the update installed.

·         How to install the update if the Surface Pro 3 won’t boot on AC power.

·         What to expect after installing the update.

·         Do you need the update if you haven’t experienced the problem?

·         Are other Surface devices affected?

·         Should you expect any damage to the batteries in my Surface Pro 3 due to the problem.

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