Microsoft Working on a Health App UI Refresh

Microsoft Working on a Health App UI Refresh

We’ve known that Microsoft is working on refreshed collateral for its Microsoft Band ecosystem, but, yesterday Windows Central was able to get a first look at a much cleaner version of the Microsoft Health app that should be on its way soon.

Have a look at the UI snapshot here: Microsoft Health app getting improved UI and new 'Insights' feature in upcoming update

In addition to the app UI changes, Microsoft is also working on a revamped Microsoft Health Dashboard. Some lucky ‘softies are already testing this new web-based data repository. And, of course, Microsoft is working on a new Band 3, which should also come with some new partnerships and integrations.

So far, there’s no solid date given on when all of the updated material will be released. However, sources have told me (for which I’m verifying for official statements) that Band 2 is now labeled as “discontinued” in the Best Buy system. Best Buy representatives tell me that this means that the retail company will be accepting no new stock – essentially, once whatever stock still exists in Best Buy outlets is gone, they won’t be ordering any more. This is most likely a clue that Band 3 is imminent, but, that’s just speculation on my part. Of course, there’s also an alternate meaning behind this, but I won’t go into that just yet.

Stay tuned, I’ll have more on this when I can get an official statement.

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