Microsoft Updates Intune Company Portal App for Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft Updates Intune Company Portal App for Windows Phone 8.1

Hopefully you've heard already, but Microsoft is in the midst of rolling out some significant capability updates for Microsoft Intune this week. Part of the updates, of course, is that Intune is finally getting rebranding from Windows Intune to Microsoft Intune. There's strong reasoning behind the rebranding and you can inform yourself about that here: Microsoft Intune Getting Big Updates This Week. The link also lists out the new features that will be available to all Microsoft Intune subscribers once the upgrade is complete.

One additional change is coming that was not communicated in the original list of feature improvements, and that is a change to how the Intune Company Portal app for Windows Phone 8.1 is offered and installed. Prior to this week's update, the Company Portal app was offered as a deployable download at Microsoft's Download Center. An administrator would download the app and make it available to the management system infrastructure to enable device enrollment for Windows Phone 8 devices. After downloading the Windows Phone 8 Company Portal App, the administrator had to code-sign the app. The download was infused with a Symantec certificate to ensure trustworthiness of the app and to help secure enrollments.

Microsoft has now updated the Intune Company Portal app for Windows Phone 8.1. The Symantec certificate is no longer embedded and no longer required because the app is now only available through the Microsoft Store. Microsoft assumes that its own store is as secure as possible since it vets the apps that are offered there.

Additionally, the new app version is updated to take further advantage of Microsoft Intune's latest features. The Windows Phone 8.1 app was updated on November 17, taking the version to 4.1.2777.2.

The updated app is here: Microsoft Intune Company Portal for Windows 8.1

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