Microsoft planning to support and contribute to OpenSSH

Microsoft planning to support and contribute to OpenSSH

We have all seen the changes happening at Microsoft in the last year or so.

Microsoft apps and services have gone cross platform to iOS and Android devices many times even before Windows gets the same/similar app. Sometimes those apps even have better functionality than their Windows counterparts.

Then last November Microsoft shocked many when they open sourced .NET. In fact, open source has become such a big deal at Microsoft that they have an entire organization within the company that focuses on open source opportunities.

It is under this new company attitude that the PowerShell Team is taking their third shot at answering one of their biggest requests - incorporating SSH into PowerShell to connect Windows and Linux devices for remote management of assets.

To do this the team is joining the OpenSSH community to collaborate and bring a PowerShell/Windows SSH solution to deliver the goods.

More details on when and how this will all come together are still off in the future as the team is in the early steps of this process.

This quote from the PowerShell Team shows how the company has turned its focus to reaching the customer where ever they are:

"The first attempts were during PowerShell V1 and V2 and were rejected.  Given our changes in leadership and culture, we decided to give it another try and this time, because we are able to show the clear and compelling customer value, the company is very supportive.  So I want to take a minute and thank all of you in the community who have been clearly and articulately making the case for why and how we should support SSH!  Your voices matter and we do listen."

Good to see the envelope continue to be pushed!

Source: Looking Forward: Microsoft: Support for Secure Shell (SSH)

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