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Microsoft to Limit Xbox 360 Accessories

According to a recent report, Microsoft is changing the way companies can create accessories for its next Xbox. The software giant will allow only device makers that sign up for a program that pays royalties to the company to produce Xbox 360 accessories. Microsoft is adding to the game console a security mechanism that will reject game pads, steering wheels, joysticks, and other controllers that Microsoft hasn't authorized. The change is in contrast to the original Xbox, for which the company merely charged for the use of the Xbox logo but allowed products to avoid paying fees by not using the Xbox logo. Microsoft lost a considerable amount of money on the first version of the Xbox, however, and the new program is one way to try to make the Xbox 360 profitable. Considering the fact that Microsoft subsidizes the cost of the Xbox consoles and collects royalties from game publishers, the new program isn't much of a surprise. The company is expected to announce the launch details of Xbox 360 soon, including what is rumored to be two models, one with a hard disk and one without.

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