Microsoft Compares Blu-ray with Betamax (and No, It's Not a Compliment)

In a pointed attempt to position Blu-ray as the loser in the upcoming competition between next-generation DVD formats, Microsoft said that Blu-ray was the Betamax to HD-DVD's VHS. (Betamax had better technology but VHS won in the marketplace.) Chris Lewis, who heads Microsoft's Xbox gaming business in Europe, said recently that Blu-ray was "a bit like HD-DVD" but too expensive. "We think HD-DVD is the format that consumers, film studios, and publishers will embrace," he said. "As you're mentioning the cost of Blu-ray—we think it's about giving consumers choice, we think it's about not necessarily asking them to pay over the odds for a technology that, at the moment, is unproven." The funniest bit here, of course, is that Sony co-created and backed both Betamax and Blu-ray

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