Lumsing 12000mAh Hybrid External Battery Power Bank

Massive power is what I want. I want the ability to charge my devices multiple times without worrying about supplying renewed energy for my power supplier.

That’s exactly what the Lumsing 12000mAh power bank does. The Lumsing is purported to be able charge an iPhone 6 up to five times before needing recharged itself. I’ve not had a chance to test that number (as most of you know I have a phobia about devices that don’t maintain 100% readiness), but so far what I have tested has been more than adequate.

In addition to supplying the normal USB 3A charging ports, this version of the Lumsing 12000mAh also includes an Apple Lightning connector that has been officially licensed by Apple. The Lightning Connector provides the input power, so if you don't have a Lightning cable you can snag one of the hybrid versions from ROMOSS.

Great for powering all your Pokemon hunts and battles. This is a portable power bank Tim Taylor would be proud to own.

You can find the Lumsing on Amazon for around $25: Lumsing 12000mAh (Apple Lightning Input Port) Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank

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