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Intel Creates Digital-Entertainment Platform Bundle

Coming soon to a PC near you is a new platform called Intel VIIV (Get it? 64, as in 64-bit computing). Building on the success of its Intel Centrino platform of bundled mobile technology, Intel is developing the new brand in hopes of bringing the PC, along with Intel's hardware technology, into the living room. Intel VIIV-based PCs will offer many consumer electronics-focused features, such as instant on and off, remote-control operation, optional innovative case designs, and support for 7.1-channel surround sound. Other features include dual-core 64-bit processors and advanced graphics and software to enable easy creation of wired and wireless networks. In a big endorsement for Microsoft's Windows Media Center technology, VIIV systems will also ship with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. Media Center Edition will add digital-video recording features and an easy interface with which to listen to music and view pictures. Look for the Intel VIIV option on new PCs early next year.

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