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Inkin Adds Apple Watch to Supported Device List

Inkin Adds Apple Watch to Supported Device List

I've written about Inkin before as part of a series for linking Microsoft Band with 3rd party fitness community services. Inkin is a "Social Fitness" service, allowing owners of various fitness wearables to come together in a central location to share and compete. This is particularly useful for those who own devices from different manufacturers but still want the ability to compete and connect with friends and others without having to shell-out additional money for new devices.

Inkin has been great about supporting some of the most popular industry devices including Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone Withings, Xiaomi, and others. Connect your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends, family and co-workers no matter what device they use. But, missing from the list has been the Apple Watch. Until today.

Today, Inkin has announced that the Apple Watch and HealthKit are now supported.

To get the updated support a new version of the Inkin app is available in the iTunes store.

Inkin web site:

Inkin in the App Store: inKin Social Fitness Challenges


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