ICYMI: Google Challenges Microsoft's Productivity Tools (April 21, 2016) Getty Images

ICYMI: Google Challenges Microsoft's Productivity Tools (April 21, 2016)

Happy Thursday, everyone. Don't weep for the end of XBox 360 console production. Rejoice that the servers will stay online.


The biggest story from yesterday:  Microsoft is absolutely serious about using machine intelligence to improve worker productivity within office apps -- and Google's serious about making sure Microsoft's not dominating the workplace productivity market. The Alphabet company announced today that its Google Inbox app now clusters all messages related to an event on your calendar, and it can clip and save URLs of articles you'll want to read later.

In addition, it also announced that its Keep service -- what some folks use as a light version of OneNote -- now has a browser extension for saving links, much like the browser extensions for OneNote and Evernote, and users can now tag their Keep notes.

The collation of information in an email inbox, and linking that collection to a calendar event, is similar to the machine learning Microsoft's been touting in the newest iterations of its office products, and it indicates that users can expect to see a raft of products that purport to streamline information-management tasks. Machine intelligence as a component of office productivity is shaping up to be a big deal. Stay tuned to see which suite of office tools helps workers make more of their efforts.

Also worth noting: Intel's doing some strategic "repositioning," moving more of its capital into the cloud computing and Internet of Things market and reducing its efforts in personal computers. The restructuring is expected to eliminate some 12,000 jobs, or 11% of its global workforce. It's a clear sign that the bigger names in the tech industry are already thinking of a "post-PC" computing landscape.


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