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How to connect Xbox One to a network that requires web based authorization

How to connect Xbox One to a network that requires web based authorization

Q. I'm trying to connect my Xbox One to a hotel network, but I can't open the webpage on the Xbox to accept conditions, what can I do?

A. On my most recent business trip, to prevent many bored hours in the hotel, I decided to take my Xbox. But when I connected it to the hotel's wired connection, it would not work: To connect to the hotel's network, you had to enter your name and room number and t,he Xbox won't open IE unless it has an Internet connection.

The solution was to first connect to the wired connection using my laptop and accepting the agreement via Internet Explorer. Then, on the Xbox, use the alternate MAC capability to give the Xbox the MAC address of your PCs network adapter. Run IPCONFIG /ALL to find the MAC address of your Ethernet adapter on the PC. Note once you make this change you cannot use the PC network adapter on the same network as the Xbox One since they now have the same MAC address. Once you know this address perform the following on the Xbox:

  1. Open Settings on the Xbox One
  2. In the Console section select Network
  3. Select Advanced settings
  4. Select Alternate MAC address
  5. Type in the alternate MAC address and press Enter
  6. You will have to restart the console for the change to take effect
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