How To: Add a Custom Gamerpic to Your Xbox Live Profile Using the Xbox Beta App


One of the new features added to the Creators Update for Xbox One was the ability to use a custom Gamerpic for your Xbox Live profile instead of your avatar or an image from a pre-selected collection of game characters.

This feature has apparently rolled out to Xbox One consoles and to the Windows 10 Xbox app and while I can change the image through the console the option to use a custom Gamerpic in the main Xbox App is not available on my install of the Xbox app.

However, the Xbox Beta app from the Windows Store does allow Xbox Live users to customize that Gamerpic from within the app. Since the beta app is used to test new features for the standard app, I am sure this functionality will be showing up soon.

In the interim, since we have had several inquiries about the process, this how-to will walk you through using the beta version of the Xbox app to set your custom Gamerpic. You can expect the primary Xbox app to follow the same steps once it is updated with this option.


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