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Here Comes CES 2006

Another year, another Consumer Electronics Show (CES). That's right, this week the largest trade show in North America will kick off in Las Vegas, providing us with a sneak peek at the consumer electronics goods we'll be wasting our money on during the 2006 holiday selling season. If you think it's a bit early to be thinking that far ahead—after all, some of us haven't even taken down our Christmas trees yet—then you're not alone. But the biggest problem with CES isn't that we won't be able to get any of the cool stuff we see there for another 9 to 12 months. The biggest problem is the crowds. With hundreds of thousands of norms now showing up in addition to the people that are supposed to be there—exhibitors, dealers, and press—CES is just getting too big. If you're looking forward to CES, mostly because you won't be there yourself, I'll be blogging from the event at the WinInfo Daily News Web site

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