HBO Gets Case of Stupids, Will Try to Prevent DVR Recordings

People with TiVos, Media Center PCs, and other digital video recorders (DVRs) are probably familiar with (and fretful over) the ability of TV networks to lock down digital recordings with a technology called broadcast flag, which lets them restrict DVR owners from copying recorded TV shows to other devices, such as PCs, laptops, iPods, and the like. Well, HBO wants to take that technology a step further by flagging its shows so that DVRs can't record them at all. The technology, which is aptly named Copy Never, would be applied at first to HBO's on-demand offerings, then to everything the network offers. Why would HBO do such a thing? Because the company wants to make a buck every time you watch any of its content. And this leads me to think that a) HBO doesn't get it, and, b) I will be canceling my HBO subscription immediately

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