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Hardware - 23 Aug 2005

Dell Hardware Still a Favorite with Readers

The year 2005 marks the 40th anniversary of Intel cofounder Gordon Moore's publication of Moore's Law, which predicted that the number of transistors on a processor doubles every 24 months. So far, Moore's Law has proven correct. In addition to merely increasing the number of transistors, both Intel and AMD launched dual-core processors in 2005, and systems vendors have been quick to offer machines featuring both Intel and AMD dual-core technology. But innovation in the hardware market is about more than just faster processors. Our Readers' Choice Hardware category highlights the performance, usability, and manageability of today's PC hardware. Dell was the overwhelming favorite, taking first place in five of the seven hardware subcategories.


64-Bit System
1st – Dell PowerEdge Servers with Intel EM64T
2nd – HP ProLiant DL585 with AMD Opteron x64
3rd – HP Integrity Superdome with Intel Itanium

Blade Server
1st – Dell PowerEdge 1855
2nd – HP ProLiant BL Series
3rd – Nexsan Technologies SATABlade

Server (Non-Blade)
1st – Dell PowerEdge Servers
2nd – HP ProLiant DL380 G4
3rd – HP ProLiant DL585

Desktop Computer
1st – Dell Optiplex
2nd – Gateway E-6300
3rd – HP Compaq dc7100

Laptop/Notebook Computer
1st – Dell Latitude D
2nd – HP Compaq NC
3rd – HP Compaq NX

PDA/Cell Phone/Smart Phone
1st – HP iPAQ Pocket PC
2nd – Dell Axim X50
3rd – Research In Motion BlackBerry

Tablet PC
1st – HP Compaq Tablet PC tc4200
2nd – Toshiba Protégé M200
3rd – Motion Computing M1400

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