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Goverlan Releases a Free Tool to Simplify Working with WMI

Goverlan Releases a Free Tool to Simplify Working with WMI


Free is always good, particularly when the offering is valuable.

I was clued in to a new tool that released yesterday. Called WMI Explorer (or, WMIX for short), the new tool allows IT administrators to use a safe and intuitive interface to work with WMI. If you're not familiar with WMI, it is a repository of information contained on all Windows computers that can be queried to retrieve just about anything about the computer. Most management tools these days, like System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune, utilize this repository to provide deep-level management of computers and devices.

WMIX is a tool developed by Goverlan, a leading provider of management software for servers, users and workstations. WMIX provides both local and remote capabilities, allowing you to connect to remote computers to query and take action. The interface is slick, easy to navigate, and filled with instructive guidance to allow you to actually learn more about the power of WMI.

Here's a sampling of what it does…

  • Explore and consume WMI technology through a human-friendly user interface requiring minimal WMI knowledge or coding skills
  • Generate Visual Basic scripts automatically using the WMIX GUI to define what needs to be reported on or performed and have WMIX generate a script for you
  • Generate WQL queries using the WMI Query wizard to create a WMI GPO filter
  • Perform agent-free remote systems administration, keeping your IT infrastructure clean of third party vendor agents
  • Leverage existing industry standard, certified and compliant technology

I've been playing with WMIX for a day or so now and love it. I've used WMI Explorer-type tools before, but this on is clearly the best of the bunch.

Like I said, WMIX is a free to use download, but you have to fill out a contact form to get it. You can gain access to the download by giving your name, company, email address, and phone number.

Jump out to the following link to get it: FREE WMI Explorer


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