First Look: BLU Win HD LTE and BLU JR LTE

First Look: BLU Win HD LTE and BLU JR LTE

I've been embroiled in testing a couple new devices over the past week, and now that the super-secret embargo is lifted, I can start to provide some intricate details. One interesting aspect to all this is that the formal announcement for the devices was stuck in Microsoft's hands for a few days, but then the company went ahead and accidentally outed the devices by releasing them to the Microsoft Store without giving the BLU folks a heads-up.

I'll deliver a formal review soon, but here I want to give you a brief take and formally introduce you to the new BLU Win HD LTE and the BLU JR LTE.

Both devices have been improved from earlier models. The specs have improved and, of course, both phones now support LTE connections. But, one of the biggest and prevailing factors is that both devices are fully Windows 10 ready. The BLU Win HD LTE runs $199 and the BLU Win JR LTE is around $99.

There's a LOT to like about each of these models and a couple things not so great, but I'll wait to go in depth during the formal review.

In preparation for the review, though, I think it's important to understand exactly where BLU phones fit in the Windows Phone ecosystem. BLU's devices are comparable to the Lumia brand and in a lot of areas they exceed what Microsoft is currently providing. Many customers are clamoring for a new Lumia flagship phone from Microsoft, but the company isn't quite ready to release one, waiting for Windows 10 for Phones to be a viable installation. But, for those that need a new phone now, and considering Windows 10 for Phones may not be shaping up in ways we like, BLU makes it extremely difficult to wait – or, rather makes it easier to take the leap now instead of waiting until late summer.

Specs are everything. Many times, despite a lower price tag I'll opt to pay more for a better device. After all, you have to be comfortable with your choice with the understanding that you'll have to live with it for a while. Buyer's remorse is a horrible thing when it comes to mobile devices that are truly personal gadgets.

So, I'll leave you here with some comparison specs. Below you'll find the specs for each BLU model as compared to comparable Lumia devices. And, don't forget to stop back by when the full review is posted.

Win HD LTE versus Lumia 640 LTE


Win JR LTE versus Lumia 638

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