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EventSentry Now Lets You Monitor Your Systems from Your iPhone


mzl.irfmvkpf.320x480-75_0For a number of years, I’ve admired NETIKUS.NET’s network-management offerings—particularly the company’s EventSentry product, which provides monitoring capabilities for critical infrastructure systems. NETIKUS.NET has released a new version of EventSentry (2.92), and it’s got some cool changes worth pointing out to you network admins out there.

The biggest change is the introduction of an SNMP daemon, which lets you receive SNMP traps (v1, v2c, v3) with EventSentry traps. The SNMP trap daemon is also available in the tool’s free edition, EventSentry Light. The SNMP daemon is extremely easy to set up, so anybody can configure basic SNMP monitoring at no cost in a matter of minutes.

The company also released a native iPhone app (it hopes to introduce apps for other platforms soon), which gives you basic information about the monitored hosts from the iPhone. Unlike some other offerings, it’s not just a web page but a real iPhone app that takes advantage of the iPhone functionality, such as swiping. You can see the Netikus iPhone app here.

For more information about EventSentry 2.92, check out the company blog.



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