Don't Fight Your Phone, Switch to a Lumia 1020

Don't Fight Your Phone, Switch to a Lumia 1020

A new video commercial has been released that has much the same characteristic as the original Lumia wedding fight commercial. In the commercial, Microsoft hammers Apple and Samsung, showing how limiting the camera feature can be for the iPhone and Galaxy handsets. Parents scramble over each other and fight for position to get the best camera angle, while a couple with a Lumia sit at the back of the room and capture the best pictures of the event.

Mary Jo Foley took to Twitter to announce that the commercial will air publicly during the MTV Music Video awards and to provide a link to the commercial:



Paul Thurrott recently took his new Lumia 1020 on vacation overseas and has been posting some awesome pictures taken with the 41 megapixel device. You can find that coverage here: Nokia Lumia 1020 on the WinSupersite.


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