Death Watch: Band 2 Tears and Rips

Death Watch: Band 2 Tears and Rips

They say the only things in life that are inevitable are death and taxes. Well, considering I was taxed heavily when I originally bought my Band 2, I guess the only thing to look forward to now is…

As many have reported throughout the communities for the last several months, eventually the strap material for the Band 2 will tear at the juncture where the screen components end just inside the flimsy strap. If you’ve been watching the communities you’ve seen a lot of people posting horror pictures of their Band sliced open worse than a victim in a slasher film.

For some, the tear happens quickly. For others, myself included, it’s a longer process. But, eventually it seems every Band 2 owner will need to be aware and wary.

As shown in the next picture, mine has not quite started spilling its insides, but it’s very, very close. And, I’m positive that it will tear soon. I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve had mine since October 2015 and it’s just now starting to wear to the point of worry.

So, I’m on death watch. But, this gives me a great opportunity to experience and report on the process of return and replacement. I’ve heard from some who have had wonderful experiences. They simply stopped into the local Microsoft Store and had their Band replaced on the spot. For others, it wasn’t that simple and for some, Microsoft refused to replace it altogether. And, considering that we live in the strangest times where there’s very little about our products that emit the quality of yesteryear, when you find a piece of hardware that is error free, you need to fight to keep it. My Band 2 has never had any of the issues that others have reported. Hardware like that is rare these days. So, I’ll do whatever it takes to hold on to this particular unit.

So…you can wait with me – but please don’t hope that mine will tear in the next few days. I’m going to buy another Band 2 to have as a backup so that when my original one does need emergency care I won’t freak out when I’m not able to track my workouts.

Stay tuned…

I’m half-tempted to try some MacGyvering, too. Maybe wrap some electrical tape around the affected area, or even try the “As seen on TV…” Flex Seal. @DaveCothran suggested Silicone Rubber Self Fusing Tape. I'm going to try that first. Ordering some right now!

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