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Contribute to IT Pro Industry Perspectives

Contribute to IT Pro Industry Perspectives

ITPro wants to give our readers as many opportunities to contribute as possible, from contributed pieces to commenting on coverage.

To that end we have Industry Perspectives, designed more for single contributions on thought leadership.

Industry Perspectives highlight thought leadership and insights. It provides industry professionals with the opportunity to contribute articles sharing their insight and expertise with our audience. More than a million IT professionals visit ITPro each month to stay informed as they help transform their businesses for the digital opportunities ahead.

Our focus is education and thought leadership, rather than marketing and vendor-centric prose. This is an opportunity to share your expertise or prompt discussion on important issues facing IT professionals. Here is how it works and our editorial guidelines:

Column Requirements

  • Summary – Send me a short synopsis or outline of your proposed column to [email protected] Upon approval, you can proceed to drafting the full column.
  • Submissions need to be original, not published in print or online anywhere else. Industry Perspectives submissions are for the use of our readers. While you’re welcome to write on the same topic elsewhere, our hope is that posts that appear on Industry Perspectives don’t appear in the exact same form on other websites, blogs or publications. Once in communication with us about a publication date, please refrain from submitting the content elsewhere. In other words, we do not accept simultaneous submissions.
  • Word count – Submissions can be as long as is needed to convey the core message, but 500 to 750 words is a good target length. Maximum is approximately 1,000. (Multiple part series are welcome, too.)
  • Photo – Send us a separate JPEG file of the author’s photo. We need this because each Industry Perspectives article includes the author’s head shot and bio. We need a brief, one-line bio.
  • Graphics – We welcome graphics that illustrate your column. PNG format works best for charts or graphs with text in them.
  • Scheduling – We publish within a few weeks of receipt of the full column. This depends on volume. We will work with you if there is a specific date you want to publish.
  • Bio – Please include a one-line bio of the author. You can also link to your blog or business site.

The quality of a contributed article is the most important factor. We will not publish submissions that do not meet the guidelines and criteria outlined here. We also may edit submissions for length or clarity, but will consult with our contributors on any changes.

Contact us via email

If you or your company are interested in participating in Industry Perspectives, please email [email protected] with any questions and/or a description of your submission proposal. Use Industry Perspectives in the subject line of your email.

We are also looking to grow our audience of expert instructors for our online tech classes. We teach a wide range of professional development courses. You can see our offerings promoted on the home page and here. If you have an idea for a class you’d like to teach, please contact Executive Director of Content Marcia Parker at [email protected].

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