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Apple Ships a Not-So-Mighty Mouse

It's innovative, Apple Computer insists, but then everything the company releases is supposedly innovative. What Apple is talking about this time is a crazy new mouse device dubbed the Mighty Mouse (yes, seriously) that--get this--features multiple buttons and a scroll wheel! (The wheel looks more like a nipple or IBM ThinkPad nubbin than a wheel.) This type of device was innovative in the PC world about 20 years ago, but remember that we're talking about Apple. Although the company has supported multiple-button mouse devices in Mac OS X since 2001 and arguably pioneered mouse-based computing in the early 1980s, this device is the first multibutton mouse the company has ever offered. Next week, I'm told, Apple will release yet another innovation: a 1.44MB floppy disk drive for the Mac mini. Apple fanatics will, no doubt, stand in line for the right to buy it the second it ships

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