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Apple Decides 600 Million PC Users with 5 Year Old PCs is a Sad Fact

Apple Decides 600 Million PC Users with 5 Year Old PCs is a Sad Fact

Earlier today Apple held their Spring press event to announce new hardware to the press and masses of their customers.

However, one group of product users were dismissed as sad according to one of the on stage executives.

During the presentation of all things iPad Pro, the 9.7 inch model announced today, Apple's Phil Schiller shared a stat with the audience that first hit social media timelines last week during the Samsung announcement for their new 2-in-1 Galaxy TabPro S for Windows 10.

At the 46 minute mark in today's product keynote, Schiller shares that a large group of users that made the move to what is now the original iPad Pro were Windows users. He then goes on to share the stat we first heard last week from Samsung - that over 600 million PCs are five years or older.

He then pronounced to the assembled crowd at the event that this fact was indeed sad. There was a smattering of nervous laughter and subdued applause and the reaction from fellow Apple executives at that very moment who were shown on camera after that tidbit was priceless.

Apple Executives Reaction to "Sad" PC Users Comment

I felt like I was once again in a classic "Hi, I'm a PC and I'm a Mac" commercial.

By the way, here is a GIF of the reaction as well:

Sad PC Reaction GIF

Of course it did not take long for Twitter to chime in on the commentary either:

But, wait...there's probably more so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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