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1. In the News
- Longhorn Is the Belle of the PDC Ball
- Media2Go Gets Branding, Release Date
- Thurrott and Furman: Continuing Live Coverage from PDC 2003

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- New Windows & .NET Magazine Web Site Unveiled!
- Readers' Choice and Best of Show Nominees and Winners

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- We've Added 3 New Web Seminars

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==== 1. In the News ====
by Paul Thurrott, [email protected]

Longhorn Is the Belle of the PDC Ball
At Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2003 in Los Angeles yesterday, Microsoft executives at long last unveiled the key features in Longhorn, the next major Windows version. As first revealed on the SuperSite for Windows, Longhorn will feature a media-rich UI (code-named Aero) backed by a new presentation layer (code-named Avalon). A new storage engine called Windows Future Storage (WinFS) will finally virtualize data in Windows, making it easier to find, manage, and work with documents, media, contacts, and other data. And a new Microsoft .NET-based Web services architecture (code-named Indigo) will help Longhorn-based systems communicate with each other and with the outside world.
"It's an exciting time to be a software developer," said Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates during his Monday morning keynote address. "Continuing hardware advances, powerful tools, and the potential of anything on the Internet to become a building block all make it a great time to do pioneering work. Microsoft is investing heavily to make Windows the optimal platform for developers who want to build on this next wave of innovation." Microsoft Group Vice President Jim Allchin also presented a keynote address, in which he detailed the ways developers can use Avalon, Indigo, and WinFS, along with next-generation versions of Visual Studio .NET, to build stunning Longhorn applications with a minimum of coding.
For developers at PDC 2003, yesterday's keynote addresses provided the first real bits of information about how Longhorn's features will come together to help them build next-generation applications, servers, and services that run on the Longhorn platform. A new programming model called WinFX will replace earlier models such as Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and Win32, Microsoft executives noted, giving developers the simplest and easiest-to-deploy applications possible. WinFX is based on .NET managed-code technologies.
Both Allchin and Gates noted that Longhorn is still a work in progress, although neither specified a final release date. Allchin did say that Longhorn Beta 1 will ship in the second half of 2004, which suggests that a 2005 release date is still possible.

Media2Go Gets Branding, Release Date
Yesterday, Microsoft revealed that it will brand the Media2Go platform for mobile multimedia as Windows Mobile for Portable Media Centers and that devices based on the platform will ship in the second half of 2004, a full year later than originally expected. The Media2Go platform, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2003 trade show in January, is basically a stripped-down version of the Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) software that runs on Windows CE .NET in small, handheld devices. Some analysts have described the devices, which provide digital-video, home-movie, digital-music, TV-show, and digital-photo slide show playback, as "video iPods."
"Just as Windows XP Media Center Edition set a whole new standard for enjoying entertainment on the PC, Portable Media Centers will do the same for portable devices," said Scott Horn, director of marketing for Microsoft's Embedded Devices Group. "Digital media technologies are radically changing how, when, and where people experience and share their entertainment. Excellent partners ... will help us enhance consumers' media experience by building products that make the digital-media content they love easily available to them on a portable device."
Today, Microsoft also unveiled some of the hardware partners that will work with the company to deliver the platform to consumers. Original design manufacturers (ODMs) AboCom Systems and Tatung will develop hardware designs to help manufacturers such as Creative Technology, iRiver, Samsung, Sanyo, and ViewSonic bring Portable Media Center devices to market.

Thurrott and Furman: Continuing Live Coverage from PDC 2003
Stay tuned to the WinInfo Web site and the SuperSite for Windows for ongoing PDC 2003 live coverage, which will continue through midday Thursday. Yesterday's updates cover the following:

WinInfo Web site
Gates keynote, Allchin keynote, Longhorn features, Windows road map, PDC 2003 Bits package, geeks at play, session after session, partying in Los Angeles, and much more.

SuperSite for Windows
Longhorn build 4051 screenshot galleries, three new videos from PDC 2003, Gates keynote photo gallery, and much more.

==== 2. Announcements ====
(from Windows & .NET Magazine and its partners)

New Windows & .NET Magazine Web Site Unveiled!
We are proud to announce the new and improved Windows & .NET Magazine Web site. Discover the fresh, new look and a more simplified way to find answers, news, strategic guidance, and how-to information. Check out our new Web site at

Readers' Choice and Best of Show Nominees and Winners
The votes are in! We asked you, our readers, to give us your opinions about the latest industry products and services. Find out who is the best of the best!

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We've Added 3 New Web Seminars
You won't want to miss our latest free Web seminars: Understanding the Identity Management Roadmap and How it Fits with Your Microsoft Infrastructure, Assessing IM Risks on Your Network, and Five Keys to Choosing the Right Patch Management Solution. Register today for these informative and timely Web events!

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