Is there a workaround for missing ClearType support on upgraded iPaqs?

A. Several readers weren't able to find the check box I described in another FAQ about using ClearType on your Pocket PC 2002 device. They couldn't find the check box because they were running iPaq 3100/3600 series devices with the new ROM upgrade, which doesn't include the feature.

I found a workaround that fixes the problem. Chris de Hererra, a well- known Windows CE guru, has updated his RegKing program for Pocket PC 2002 devices, and it includes a registry switch to enable ClearType systemwide. Unfortunately, the results will look somewhat blurry because the iPaq H3100/3600 series display supports only 12 bits per pixel. The newer H3700/3800 models, which come with Pocket PC 2002 ROMs, have a 16 bit per pixel display that does a better job with ClearType. RegKing also includes several tricks of interest to systems administrators, such as how to disable Active Controls and scripts in Internet Explorer (IE). Check it out!

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