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Sony Says the PDA Is Dead

Last year, Sony discontinued its line of CLIE PalmOS-based line of PDAs in the United States, but the company planned on continuing development and marketing of the products in Japan. However, the other shoe dropped this week when the consumer electronics giant announced that it will also stop making its Japanese CLIE PDAs in July. The move wasn't entirely unexpected, but it drives home the notion that the days of standalone PDAs are likely coming to an end. "The PDA market is being encroached by cell phones and other mobile devices that can offer similar functions, making it difficult for PDAs to maintain their position in the market," the company said. Smart phones and PDA form-factor phones are gaining popularity, and the devices' features negate the need for non-connected standalone devices. Sony was once the PDA market leader, and we can't help but feel a bit odd about the company's sudden exit. Sony's move certainly spells trouble for PalmSource, which is struggling to adapt to the changing dynamics of the portable-information industry. We can't wait to throw out our "dumb" phones and clear up some needed room in our pockets—for candy, of course

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