A Soft Reset Can Solve Synchronization Problems

Mobile & Wireless UPDATE reader Marcel Hofman reports that he experienced problems synchronizing his Compaq iPAQ 3900 with his desktop PC as a "guest." He already had the latest flash ROM upgrade and ActiveSync build (as covered in past editions of Mobile & Wireless UPDATE). After further investigation, he found that a soft reset appeared to cure the problem. In the Microsoft article "ActiveSync Does Not Reconnect After You Log Off and Log On", the company acknowledges that this synchronization flaw remains a problem.

As I told Marcel in a follow-up message, a soft reset is generally benign on a Pocket PC device. It's roughly equivalent to shutting down and restarting a desktop PC. First, close all open applications so that you save any changes you've made. Then, follow the vendor's soft-reset instructions. Often, a soft reset will clear up an otherwise intractable problem synchronizing with a desktop PC. A soft reset can also improve performance by defragmenting the Pocket PC's memory.

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