Process Credit Cards with iPhone

In today's age, writing personal checks is akin to listening to an 8-track, and with everything (including most paychecks) now digital, it's rare to have any cash on hand. While the credit card is ubiquitous and versatile, there are still many situations where it can't be used, oftentimes forcing tedious (and expensive) ATM visits.

A new iPhone app called ProcessAway may improve this situation. With an iPhone or iTouch equipped with ProcessAway, an individual can scan and process a credit card immediately, and then email them the receipt. Of course, you'll still need to have a merchant ID set up and be able to accept payment through credit cards. (It's too bad, really, because it would eliminate the "Sorry, I don't have any cash on me to pay you back" excuse.) However, ProcessAway could come in handy for busy contractors, consultants, and salespeople on the go.

ProcessAway comes in a free version called ProcessLite, which limits the amount you can charge through it, and the premium version (simply called ProcessAway), which has no limit but comes at the price of $19.99. The application is currently up for review by Apple, so it's not available just yet.

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