Office XP Filmstrip Feature Great for Slide Shows

Last week I had to quickly put together a presentation for a local service group. The presentation was mainly a slide show, so my first step was to scan the necessary photographs. In the past, I had pasted the scanned images into Microsoft PowerPoint slides, which is a workable but clumsy approach to slide shows. When I started looking for a new way to display the images directly from a Web browser, I discovered a new Microsoft Office XP feature: the filmstrip viewer.

If you have a PC with Office XP installed, try the following: Select Start, My Pictures. Double-click the Sample Pictures folder, then select Filmstrip on the View menu. You can change the order of the pictures by dragging them. After you reorder the pictures, select "View as a Slide Show" in the Picture Tasks pane on the left side of the screen. Although hidden, a VCR-style control is available in the upper right corner of the display if needed.

The filmstrip feature let me quickly get my presentation running from an Acer TravelMate C102 Tablet PC. For more information about Office XP's filmstrip feature, go to the following URL:

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