NEWS: HP Revamps iPAQ Lineup

HP has launched a completely new line of its iPAQ Pocket PC PDAs. The new devices range from an entry-level PDA to a Pocket PC Phone Edition device. The devices all run Microsoft's Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PC.

The low-end of the line starts with the rz1700 series, which offers a 3.5" color screen, a 203MHz processor, and a Secure Digital (SD) slot. The device retails for $279. An option on this device is a new feature called the Mobile Media Companion. This feature lets users easily view photos, music, and video media on their Pocket PC as well as control the media on their PC. The feature offers a unique experience that we'll be featuring in a future Connected Home article. The next new series is the rx3000, which adds a faster processor, 802.11b wireless networking, Bluetooth, and an optional 1.2-megapixel camera. The rx3000 series will sell for around $499.

On the high end, the company offers the hx4700, which features an excellent 4" VGA screen, a 624MHz processor, and a CompactFlash (CF) slot. The hx4700 retails for $649. HP has teamed up with T-Mobile to offer an iPAQ Pocket PC that acts as a PDA as well as a phone. The h6300 series is the first to ship with Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) for cell service, as well as 802.11b wireless and Bluetooth. The series includes an optional camera. The cost of the device will depend on the plan you sign up for with T-Mobile, but expect to spend around $500

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