New & Improved - 28 Nov 2006

Remotely Access and Manage Your Servers
Avocent announced two new products, SonicAdmin QR and SonicAdmin Pro, which enable remote management of your servers through a BlackBerry handheld or any Microsoft Windows Mobile 5?based device. Using your Active Directory (AD) profile, you can view server statistics, shut down and reboot servers, view and manage processes, and view event logs. Exchange Server management extensions let you view queue properties, freeze and unfreeze queues, and force connection commands. The AD management functionality also lets you manage mailbox properties for user accounts. SonicAdmin QR and SonicAdmin Pro provide server information such as CPU, disk, and memory utilization. For pricing information, contact Avocent., 256-430-4000, 866-286-2368

SharePoint Server and Site Management
Quest Software announced Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint to address the challenges of managing Microsoft Share-Point. Site Administrator automatically discovers all servers and sites across your network, then provides comprehensive reporting on site content details, user activity, and storage metrics. Site Administrator provides centralized administration of SharePoint servers and sites, and its global policy management functionality lets you make enterprise-wide changes to server and site policies, including site content alerts, storage quotas, and authorized users and permissions. Pricing begins at $10 per managed user., 949-754-8000

NAC for Heterogeneous Networks, 303-381-3830
Network Access Control (NAC) solutions are being implemented in many organizations. The growing number of inside security threats is one reason for this trend. In fact, according to StillSecure's CTO and Vice President of Customer Experience, Mitchell Ashley, a Pricewaterhouse Coopers study found that inside security threats reached 61 percent of all security threats in 2004. However, many larger companies need a network-wide solution that covers all branch offices. In addition, multiple technologies are necessary to quarantine each device that attempts to connect to the network. StillSecure's NAC solution, Safe Access 5.0, works in heterogeneous networks and provides five enforcement options for quarantining endpoints: 802.1x enforcement, DHCP enforcement, endpoint-based enforcement, inline enforcement for VPN and RAS connections, and enforcement through Cisco's NAC architecture. Safe Access also provides three endpoint-testing options that include agentless, ActiveX-based, and agent-based testing.

This latest release of Safe Access provides what StillSecure refers to as a "single-pane-of-glass-view" into endpoint security across your organization so that you can centrally manage all security activities. Safe Access's new multiuser, role-based access creates a separation of duties and gives you control of who has access to specific data, which functions they're allowed to perform, and what information they can view and act on. StillSecure also provides high availability and load balancing functionality in case of server failure.

Simplify Job Scheduling Tasks
Argent Software announced Argent Job Scheduler 5.0, an enterprise job scheduling solution that includes expanded forecasting, auditing, calendaring, and failover support. Argent Job Scheduler Global Manager lets you manage all your jobs or view job queues from any Web browser, and the inclusion of the Argent Job Scheduler Software Development Kit (SDK) lets you submit jobs from virtually any application. Argent SuperMaps, a new visualization capability, gives you a graphical representation of your job queues. A free trial of the software is available on Argent Software's Web site. Contact Argent Software for pricing information., 860-674-1700

Boost PC and Server Performance
Raxco Software announced PerfectDisk 8.0, a disk defragmentation solution for enterprise, small-to-midsized business (SMB), and home office users. PerfectDisk's new management console, Command Center, provides full deployment, scheduling, configuration, management, and reporting capabilities from a single interface. Space Restoration Technology consolidates free space into the largest blocks possible. The drive health indicator tracks file fragmentation and free space over time. Additional features include CPU and I/O throttling and AutoPilot scheduling. A free trial version is available on Raxco's Web site., 301-527-0803, 800-546-9728

Reduce Desktop Management Time
Dimension Data announced the Dimension Data Dynamic Desktop Deployment Solution to automate the task of upgrading and maintaining an organization's PCs. Once this solution is in place, thousands of desktops can be deployed per day without requiring IT technicians to touch a single PC. Dynamic Desktop Deployment reduces the costs and time associated with configuring your PCs, including OS, application, utility, and patch configuration. The product also provides a detailed inventory of software and hardware resources within your organization. For more information, contact Dimension Data.

Automate Workflows and Requests, Implement Best Practices
Numara Software announced Numara FootPrints 7.5, a Web-based service desk solution for Help desk and customer support centers that's based on Uni-Press FootPrints, a recent Numara acquisition. Enhanced workflow features let you automatically document escalation processes and time fields according to local time zones. New service-level field definitions accurately measure and track responsiveness to customer service level agreements (SLAs) and new permission capabilities. Advanced reporting features compare metrics across day, month, or other time intervals. For more information, contact Numara Software., 800-557-6970

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