New & Improved - 26 Dec 2006

Replace Traditional Passwords with Multifactor Authentication

Saflink announced Saflink EntryPoint 2.0, an information security solution that enables small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) to replace standard password-based Active Directory (AD) log-on processes with a dedicated security appliance, client software, and USB tokens. Saflink also released two complementary products to EntryPoint 2.0—EP-Biometric and EP-Connect. EP Biometric replaces Windows passwords with multifactor authentication and EP-Connect lets remote workers gain secure access to your company's VPN and Outlook Web Access (OWA). For more information, contact Saflink., 800-388-4674

Keep Your Offsite Workers Flexible and Mobile

DataViz announced updates to its mobile office suite for the Palm OS platform, Documents To Go 9.0, which lets your mobile users create, view, and edit Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on Palm OS mobile devices. Documents To Go has replaced its DocSync Technology—which requires wired synchronization between PCs and mobile devices to retain complex file formatting when a user views or edits files on a mobile device—with InTact Technology. This new technology retains original file formatting when you edit and email Office files on your mobile device and doesn't require synchronization with your office PC. You can edit and email files from your mobile device in confidence that the formatting of the original document hasn't changed. The software also features an integrated file explorer that lets you browse files on your device or an expansion card. For a complete list of Documents To Go pricing options, visit DataViz's Web site., 203-874-0085

Experience the Benefits of Going Virtual

DataCore Software announced the addition of SANMelody Virtual Infrastructure Foundation to its SANMelody family of products, which convert PC servers into expansion disk servers. Virtual Infrastructure Foundation lets entry-level users and small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) enjoy the benefits of virtualization by leveraging existing Ethernet and IP/LAN network interconnections to optimize storage space and automate capacity utilization across servers. The product is hardware-independent and lets you consolidate and manage as much as 3TB of storage. Virtual Infrastructure Foundation costs $948., 954-377-6000, 877-780-5111

Product Spotlight
Canary in a Coal Mine, 925-283-9771, 800-334-6366

When it comes to rooting out bandwidth problems, Craig Isaacs, president of Neon Software, likes to take the “canary in a coal mine” approach. It's essential to discover such problems immediately and gather “what” and “where” information because bandwidth is a valuable commodity. When mission-critical devices become overloaded or unavailable, customer relations, order processing, manufacturing, inventory, and telephone systems can all go down, resulting in lost productivity and revenue. Neon Software's CyberGauge 7.0 for Windows helps network administrators monitor and manage Internet bandwidth by automatically creating real-time utilization graphs as well as daily, weekly, and monthly Quality of Service (QoS) and billing reports. With CyberGauge, companies can monitor and plan bandwidth usage and provide detailed documentation for audits and compliance. The product is priced according to the number of devices it monitors. Isaacs is particularly proud of his product's Help system, which is extremely dynamic and “actually works!”

Monitor Bandwidth Usage and Network Device Use

Paessler AG announced PRTG Traffic Grapher 6.0, a network monitoring and bandwidth-usage solution. This Windows- and Web-based software helps you manage any size network, from small LANs to larger installations with thousands of sensors, by providing live readings and long-term usage trends. PRTG Traffic Grapher's Web 2.0 approach lets you associate tags with sensors, which the software can then filter according to the tags. The Event Manager component keeps track of error messages and notifications for each sensor in your network, and the latency sensor monitors the network latency of devices or data lines to find overloaded network devices. PRTG Traffic Grapher pricing starts at $99.95 for the professional edition with a 25-sensor license. A freeware edition of the software with three sensors is available at Paessler's Web site.

Simplify Identity and Access Management

A10 Networks announced firmware updates to its IDsentrie platform, which simplifies identity and access management within your network. IDsentrie's IP-address-to-user-identity (IP-to-ID) service lets you instantly identify users across your network, eliminating the time-consuming process of resolving IP addresses to individuals. The Universal Identity Resolver (UIR) utility lets you connect your existing security, networking, and identity resolution services. Additional IP-to-ID support has been added in IDsentrie for Windows NT 4.0 and Novell eDirectory. DHCP and authentication enhancements let IDsentrie quarantine unauthorized users until they can be authenticated. Password prompts and security questions are now offered in English, Chinese, and Japanese., 408-325-8668, 888-210-6363

Eliminate Scheduled Defragmentation

Diskeeper released a new version of its defragmentation solution, Diskeeper 2007, that features InvisiTasking technology to allow any system maintenance task to run invisibly in the background. This technology automatically and transparently handles fragmentation as it occurs, providing a better-running system and eliminating scheduled defragmentation. The software's patented Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I-FASST) 2.0 can increase file access and creation speed over the speed of the original system by as much as 80 percent. Diskeeper's Terabyte Volume Engine 2.0 defrags high-capacity and high-traffic servers with disk volumes containing hundreds of thousands to millions of files. Contact Diskeeper for pricing information., 818-771-1600, 800-829-6468

Manage Your Physical and Virtual Environment from One Console

INSYSTEK announced new Virtualize IT management features that will appear in the 5.0 versions of the company's systems management solutions. INSYSTEK's Virtualize IT technology manages complex virtual infrastructures from a single console, enabling you to discover and map virtual environments, create virtual machines, and track physical and virtual relationships. The software provides a common UI that manages VMware VirtualCenter and Windows desktops and servers. From this unified view, you can control and configure physical systems and virtual machines and resources. Virtualize IT solutions are also scalable and capable of handling thousands of servers and virtual machines. The software's hierarchical management features let you manage at the VirtualCenter, folder, host, or resource pool level., 785-273-4100, 877-467-9783

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